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Devenir Un En Christ is an association founded in 1986 by Michael and Marie-Françoise Jamet.

Our mission:

To welcome people concerned by homosexuality (single, living as a couple, married, parents, priests or religious) and
to facilitate, in an atmosphere of respect and trust, the human and spiritual development of each person in whatever
situation they find themselves.

God loves us unconditionally and we are called to live our lives to the full. Animated by this conviction, the association offers
to each person the possibility to walk along the path of faith towards greater interior peace :

ø By providing a place of unconditional Christian listening.
ø By allowing each person to be themselves and to freely discuss questions with people who are living with similar experiences.
ø By providing opportunities to reflect on our faith and our role in the church.
ø By exploring together the impact of the Gospel on our daily lives.
ø By sharing the stories of our own journeys.

Occasionally, Devenir Un En Christ also participates with other associations in ecumenical and inter-religious celebrations
of prayer .

« We are the body of Christ, each of us is part of this body.
Everyone receives grace from the Holy Spirit for the good of the entire body »

Regular activities

Weekends in Paris
With times of teachings, discussion and sharing, common prayer and Eucharist.

Sharing Groups
Monthly sharing / discussion groups are organised in various locations in France (Western Loire, Picardy, Savoy-
Dauphine, Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Marseille and several groups in Paris). There is also a group in Brussels, Belgium.
(see : sharing groups.)
Individual spiritual direction can also be arranged on request.

Passion Sunday weekend at Solesmes (Sarthe)
A time of faith, friendship, sharing and teaching in the magnificent abbey of Solesmes.

Specific Weekends
Specifically focusing on those living as couples, married couples and parents. These weekends are held in different areas
in France.

Saturdays at "Banyas"
Quarterly Saturday afternoons on various themes held at the association’s office at Vincennes, Paris. ( "Banyas", the
source of the river Jordan in Israel, is the name given to the association’s office).

Two annual Spiritual Retreats
Silent retreats held in summer, usually lasting five days.

Monthly Mass
Held on the first Wednesday of each month in Paris. This is usually followed by refreshments. Monthly Masses are also celebrated in Lyon and Toulouse (see dates and addresses under the heading : sharing groups. ).

Personal listening space via Internet
This is available by using the messenger service (devenirunenchrist@hotmail.com). For many people this is their initial
contact with the association. It is staffed by association members who will listen, understand and allow the person making contact to express where they are in life.
The page "contact us" of the site gives the possibility to contact a priest, some parents, spouses, or a wife, etc ot the association.

Monday Prayer
This is provided by a team of eleven association members. Those who wish to receive a weekly e-mail with a reflection for prayer / meditation, prayer requests and association news updates may subscribe by clicking on Subscribe