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Catholic lesbians
An online support and spiritual community for women who seek to integrate their lesbian and Catholic identity in their lives. We also offer information and resources of particular interest to Catholic lesbians.

Fortunates Families
Catholic families with Lesbian Daughters and Gay Sons.

Gay Catholics
A resource for Catholics coming to terms with being gay.

Gay Church
An affirming gay Christian (GLBT) site dedicated to ... "Building (ALL) the Body of Christ in Love!"

James Alison : Theology
British theologian; gay Catholic.

Out and About with Tony
A queer perspective on life as a gay Catholic.

Quest is a group for lesbian, gay and bisexual Catholics. Its purpose is to proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ so as to sustain and increase Christian belief among homosexual men and women.
Its purpose is
1.associating lay men and women who are seeking ways of reconciling the full practice of their Catholic faith with the full expression of their homosexual natures in loving Christian relationships, and providing opportunities for them to meet together for worship, discussion and study;
2.establishing and extending a dialogue between homosexual Catholics and members of the clergy
3.providing a point of contact for any homosexual Catholic in need of reassurance and support, so that he or she may both gain from and contribute to the purpose of Quest.

The Gay Christian Network
A worldwide community, online and in person, which offers great support and resources for those who seek to reconcile their sexual orientation and their Christian Faith. Includes a European forum, denominational forums and much more.

Unconfessional links

Family acceptance
"Mom... Dad... I'm gay" : how our picture-perfect family was torn apart by our son's revelation.

SLAA : (sex and love addicts anonymous).